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v0.2.30 released

A little over due, but this release is a first great step towards v1beta. The server-side of our ecosystem now supports the name concept. While our CLI quite support it, we’re expecting it to be ready in the next release.

In addition to our first major stepping stone towards v1beta, we’ve solidified some of our monitoring. With all our processes emitting some information, we were able to assemble some preliminary dashboards. These are available in our deploy repository and can be download there.

Tracker Dashboard

For a full list of updates, take a look at our release notes.

Notable Updates

  • bd81bca : nightly builds
  • 6f541f7 : server side implementation of DFS
  • e43c5e6 : /version now available on all processes
  • e924b05 : grpc prometheus integration (client and server)