Data Model

The backing data model for is a graph. Graphs contain two types of data: nodes and edges. Nodes often represent entities such as people, places, or things. Edges often represent relationships between two entities.


The following illustrates the various nodes and edges in the ecosystem.



Sources represent origins for information. These can be source control systems like GitHub, GitLab, or BitBucket. Or they can be artifactories like JFrog Artifactory or Sonatype Nexus. Sources are keyed by their URL and are represented as nodes in the dependency graph.

Modules represent libraries or applications in the dependency graph. These are the components extracted from manifest files. They are keyed by all their data, and are represented as nodes in the dependency graph.


Manages represent the relationship between a source and a module. It contains information about how a given module is managed such as the toolchain.

Depends represents the relationship between two modules. It contains information about how the modules depend on one another. This includes things like version constraint, scopes, and a reference to the source.

Next Steps

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To learn more about how the system is deployed, head over to the architecture documentation.

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