Manifest Files

A manifest is the generic term used to describe documents that communicate a systems requirements or dependencies. These dependencies come in many shapes and forms, but the most common dependency is a library. Libraries are packages containing common code that is shared between projects.

Using this information, is able to build a knowledge graph. The table below demonstrates how to interpret the information extracted from various manifests. Since there is no standardization across languages, extraction may vary between implementations.

Manifest File Language Module Name System
bower.json js @depscloud/api bower
build.gradle java gradle
cargo.toml rust bytes cargo
composer.json php symfony/console composer
Godeps.json go godeps
go.mod go vgo
Gopkg.toml go gopkg
ivy.xml java ivy
package.json node @depscloud/api npm
pom.xml java maven
vendor.conf go vendor

Next Steps

To learn more about how information is stored, head over to the data model documentation.

To learn more about how the system is deployed, head over to the architecture documentation.

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