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v0.2.28 released

In this release, we’ve started to set the project up for general availability. All of our servers (gateway, tracker, and extractor) now provide both HTTP and gRPC servers. By default, they are bound to ports 8080 and 8090 respectively. Each server now accepts a --http-port and --grpc-port option to configure the ports. This also means that we’re deprecating the --port flag in favor of the others.

With the addition of an HTTP server to each project, we now offer endpoints for troubleshooting each system. /healthz provides access to the current health of the system. We generate this report using go-gracefully, a health check library developed to simplify system status. /metrics exposes a standard Prometheus metrics endpoint. This will allow us to hook in service monitors and continue to bolster our ecosystem.

For a full list of updates, take a look at our release notes.

Notable Updates

  • 8db44145: fix: only delete one edge, not all edges
  • 8619b5bf: fix: pull bower out into its own language
  • 8a9fa7f7: feat(dual-servers): sets up an http and grpc server (#77)
  • 5051104c: feat(gh-70): moved over to using global dependency management (#71)
  • 29d23c2a: feat(gh-48): implement v1beta GraphStore (#61)