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Hacktoberfest 2020

We’re excited to announce that will be participating in Hacktoberfest as a maintainer this year. The easiest place to get started is with our project board. There’s a quick guide with relevant links, and a column dedicated to new comers. Issues have been tagged with hacktoberfest, good first issue, and help appropriately. To get started, see the and guides in each project.


Why contribute? is a tool built to help companies sustain open source. It helps companies stay on top library versions by providing insights into their ecosystem. It can also help identify which libraries an organization uses the most. As a result, organizations can invest in libraries that are critical to their systems. Many of which, are provided by the open source community.

In addition to supporting open source, we have partnered with Indeed’s Open Source Program Office to reward those who contribute. To learn more about how to get involved, see their Hacktoberfest 2020 landing page for more details.

Our goal

Our goal for this Hacktoberfest is to release v0.3.x. In this release, we hope to include two major features.

The first is the development of our v1beta API. It simplifies the complexity of our v1alpha models. This was largely inspired by the second major feature: a web-based user interface. Historically, the project has never had a visual interface. It’s relied on the command line tool and SDKs for interacting with the data. After a quick prototype, we’re confident we can provide a powerful visual experience.

Desired skill sets

With the addition of a UI, we are looking for front end developers. Most of our projects are in Golang and TypeScript. Experience with either language is not a requirement, but often helpful. We’ve had many folks successfully contribute to the project without any prior experience.