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v0.3.x released

In the last couple of weeks, we finally released support for v0.3.x. In this release, we made some major changes to the ecosystem.

If you’re coming v0.2.x, the major change to be aware of is the migration from v1alpha to v1beta. In changing the API from v1alpha to v1beta, we introduced a new database table for the v1beta model. The information from v1alpha endpoints will be available until v0.4.x when they’ll be released. You can learn more about this migration in the v0.3.0 release notes.

Another big change in v0.3.x was a change in supported architectures. In this minor release, we removed support fot 32-bit architectures. In addition to dropping 32-bit architecture support, we added support for Apple silicon machines. This required upgrading our ecosystem to using Go 1.16 which is still early in its release cycle. If you notice anything odd with our system, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Notable Updates

  • Support for tracking Helm dependencies via Chart.yaml
  • Support for tracking Python dependencies via Pipfile and requirements.txt
  • v1beta endpoints and improved data model
  • Apple Silicon support for deps CLI